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Mission #1

To make marketing & sales bold, ambitious, & enticing with videos 

for women growing businesses & brands!


To eliminate lingering stress around

inconsistent marketing, sales, and stalling business growth.


To support your marketing & sales needs as your

Chief Video Marketing Office even though we’re a boutique!

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"I consult small business owners with LIVESTREAMING skills, cheatCODEs, & strategies so they can bask in their expert positioning and increase their profits as the face of their brand the Bossy B.A.E. Way.  Let's get you & your brand recognized, remembered, respected, & reached out to in any digital market"

FYI Video Marketing Facts Website Graphic.png

95% > 10%

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in the text (Insivia) 

89%, 83%, 87%

89% of business women say video gives them a good ROI, 83% say video helps them with lead generation, and 87% say video has increased traffic to their website (Wyzowl)

49% Advantage

Business women who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users (WordStream)


Make the chief executive decision to position yourself for these advantages and address & resolve 100% of your video making, marketing, and sales' errors in 90 days with The 4-3-2-1-Sophisticated Formula to Open, Close, & nurture Sales on Video as the Bo$s!

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Let me answer "what" with "WHY video marketing!"
Video Marketing for small business owners, especially with service-based businesses is the 
sophisticated practice of
reaching + positioning + communicating + selling + converting
to hundreds...even thousands to influence booking & deposit decisions with you
. - Eboneé

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In the mood for increased visibility, marketability, & profitability for 2022?  Book my video sales intensive on your calendar, here!

Influence Your Audiences' Booking Decisions!

Replace limiting marketing & sales more not knowing how-to promote your business, no more posting other people's content from Google, no more posting slideshows as videos to "attract," and no more filming amateur videos that make the viewers in your warm & cold markets question your true passion and years of expertise.  You can only misalign your brand so many times before you cause low performing marketing results and stall sales.  It's time for clients to book with you; let's establish your LIVESTREAMING skills, cheatCODEs, & strategies for effective communication which invites know-like-&-trust, which increases sales conversions.

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CheatCodes are personalized & professional
steps to record videos on impulse, for planned content batching days, or with videographers with zero stress. No need to 
put the task off!

DIY or OUTSOURCE filming your content. 
Skills are the ability to plan,  prepare, record, & edit video content that
positions you as the 
sophisticated expert.

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What are strategies (1).png

The insight to
formulate & execute a manageable posting & promoting plan of action for your video sales' goals that communicate, cultivate, & convert your audience with LIVEs, reels, & clips.
For free or with 

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