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"From cum laude mass communication’s bachelor's degree to founder of the luxury digital marketing & sales boutique, Bossy B.A.E. Productions, llc, I'm intentional with the high definition lane I created to combine my passion for television/broadcasting with the respect I have for small business women." - Eboneé  

At 19, I experienced my livelihood & budding corporate career being ripped apart without preparation. I’d never thought about entrepreneurship…after work that day – entrepreneurship never left my mind.  That experience was 15 years ago.  


Since then, I’ve completed two Bachelor’s of Arts (Mass Communications Degree and English Literature), had a son with special physical needs, buried his father, started & failed four businesses (two LLCs, one non-profit, and one affiliate company), left the 9-to-5 life to be a full-time at home mom and caregiver to my son & mom, and recently celebrated Bossy B.A.E. Productions, llc's 3rd year in business.

I am committed to my business career, my skill set, my brilliance, my consistency, my learning curves, and my ability to confidently co-create powerful messages with business women via

Livestreams, reels, & short form videos.  

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A business woman chooses knowing

her pre, her pro, & her post processes

 of LIVESTREAMING to avoid aligning her luxury brand with basic behavior online. 

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Every thing You Didn't Know About Planning Livestreams

The Dos &

Absolutely DO NOTs

of Livestreaming

Branding, Editing, Promoting, & Selling Your Livestreams

Opening, closing, & nurturing sales happen in each phase, B.A.E.!

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