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Favor outsourcing? click here... Favor Doing It Yourself, keep reading.


Of all business problems to have marketing is the one that irks you the most, right?


"They" told you posting on social media is a marketing strategy, yes?

So, you post & promote value content on your socials faithfully, yes?

You consistently write up & share your stories because they sell, yes? 

You never post without a call-to-action, yes?

And so, from all of that work you celebrated 49% profit increase, correct?

If you haven't celebrated 49%+ profit increase let me be the 1st to tell you why!

  YOU have a MARKETING MIS-CON-CEP-TION -- all because you aren't using the best sales conversion tool to build, grow, or scale your business online.

Let me tell you the underlying issue to your misconception...

You haven't been trained to know the CORRECT strategy, process, or

order to position yourself on video as THE respected industry expert

to convert viewership into sales.

You do this by using video content marketing which is calls for planning, filming, editing, and promoting videos that covert your viewers into ready-to-pay clients!

Your following count cannot stop conversion...your visibility does though!

Once you get trained on opening, closing, & nurturing sales like a boss, you'll enjoy the ROI video content positions you for.

"The Sophisticated 4-3-2-1-Formula to Open, Close, & Nurture Sales On Video as the Bo$s" is for you -- come train with me to identify limiting marketing & sales habits keeping you from prequalified leads and bookings.  In 90 days, position yourself with professional & effective marketing via video practices, skills, cheatCODEs, & strategies resulting in increased: brand authority, visibility, marketability, & profitability for next level business growth all from your updated and STRATEGIC online presence.  Read below for more about my marketing-&-sales workshop intensive.

*We've taken our workshop intensive from 2 days to 5 hours!

Having these skills as a D.I.Y. CEO is mandatory

Add our next workshop intensive to your to-do list! 

Picture your business & brand's needs as you read more about our signature 4-3-2-1-formula to take your business into its

next level with video content for any market...

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Instagram Post (3).png

In 90 days, have a LIVEStream series, and/or have 40+ reels, and/or a show that an audience watches, and/or pilot concept ready to brand & broadcast on YouTube!

In these 4 phases we plan & strategize to take your content ideas from thought to video concept.

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4 Phases of Video Sales

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3 Elements of
Video Sales Execution

We train on the execution needed to replace limiting - (1) branding, (2) marketing, & (3) sales habits keeping clients from booking with you.

 In 90 days, increase brand authority, visibility, marketability, & profitability as the face of your brand for the sake of your online presence -- it's time to show up and get paid like the EXPERT you are!

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2 Types of
Video Sales Content

We familiarize you with categorizing your video content for branding, marketing, or sales purposes.

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In 90 days, know how to plan fresh or repurpose video content for the next 30, 60, or 90 day run of consistency!

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1 Expert CEO
Needed for Video Sales

We center your marketing & sales video content around you, your life...schedule...budget… business…brand…markets…clients…

and short & long-term goals!

In 90 days, go from basic & overlooked on video to recognized, remembered, respected, & reached out to as the industry go-to & Bo$s on video!

TSFTOCNSO like a boss-2.png

My workshop intensive is designed for women CEOs aggressively growing their businesses, value investing in personal development skills, appreciate the smallest of details that YouTube or Google searches can't provide, and have a 2 to 3 year plan to be a full-time business owner.  Affording yourself video marketing & sales skills, cheatCODEs, & strategies align with goals of being an in-demand, paid, and respected expert in your industry

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Inside our Workshop Intensive:

10 AM - "Bosses, I'll Show You Your New Marketing ROI" Hour

- Learn The Sophisticated 4-3-2-1-Formula of Video Sales.

- Audit your current participation with videos and your sales.

- Map out your video goals, marketing goals, & sales goals for 3 months.

11 AM - "Bosses, Let Me Cater to Your Marketing Needs" Hour

- Customize & approve your Sophisticated 4-3-2-1-Formula for video sales.

- Q & A Session & Intermission. 

Noon - "Bosses AND Their Broadcasting Budget Lines" Hour

- Itemize your video marketing budget for video sales.

- Determine your filming location, background, & "filming set"

- Identify & place filming tools and equipment on your Amazon wish list.

- Outline your 3 Month LIVESTREAM plan of execution.

*Learn how to strategize video content topics for 30, 60, 90 days.

(Plan can be targeted for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, email marketing, and/or video ads).

1 PM - "Bosses That Go Live ARE Visible" Hour

- Practice on-camera confidence Going LIVE with Eboneé. 

- Going LIVE evaluations.

- Review Going LIVE evaluation with Eboneé.

- Practice creating titles for series, reels, LIVEs, or video clips.

- Identify your largest area of video sales' in need of improvement.

2 PM - "Bosses Deserve the Bossy'est Type of Content" Hour

- Practice video editing a 1 minute video; a 30 second reel.

- Practice video branding & editing a 1 minute video; a 30 second reel.

- Practice video promotions - where to post, how to post, titles, hashtags, & CTAs. 

- Next Steps and Q & A Closing.

Add our workshop intensive to your calendar!

Workshop intensive exit actions.jpg

In no particular order...
Recognize filming behavior that positions you for business growth or works against you.
Order filming equipment specifically for your goals with ease. 
Brag & thank your husband because visibility, marketability, & profitability are aligned for increase.
Keke with your network of boss friends about the new skills, cheatCODEs, & strategies they need to know.
 with a planned or impromptu filming schedule.
Work your personalized video sales, skills, cheatCODEs, & strategy on your preferred platforms.
Build stronger connections of know-like-&-trust with your tribe.
Provide your audience with value content they'll retain.
Increase traffic to you website.
Pitch your business plan, offers, speaking points over video. 
Grow revenue 49% faster than you did without using videos.
Experience the luxury of opening, closing, & nurturing sales online!
Follow-up with me after 3 months and 6 months of this training at no additional costs.

Split the cost with a friend!  That's $148.50 each.

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